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            2021-7-25  Sunday
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            Modern Paintings
            Fruit Trays
            Decorative Hanging
            Twin Frames
            Board Painting
            Jewel Case
            Desk Lamp
            Clocks/Wall Lamps
            Candle Holders
            Wall Hanging
            Oil Paintings
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            PUTIAN OUYA ARTS PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. was found in 2003, which is a manufacturer of modern paintings, oil paintings, wooden frame, polyresin frame, mirror frame, artistic furniture and other resin arts and crafts business with the license to run Imp.&Exp. The products are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

            4 The company has always adhere to the philosophy of management - Innovation strive for Development, Quality is the lifeblood of enterprise. We have a team with professional research and development personnel at work on the new products of develops, the take innovation as the foundation, actively forge ahead to produce high quality, novel design of the exquisite products. The companys sales staff will be actively and seriously work to do after-sales service. All the staff will work together to strive for world-class brand for you.

            3 The company is located in Hualin Economic Development Zone of Putian City, is an export-oriented enterprise which committed to building cultural industry. With a total investment of 60 million yuan, Ouya covers an area of more than 40 Mu(2.668 Hectares) and has a production workshop of 35,000 square meters. The company has a total of 218 employees, and signed up 360 artists. Ouya have been awarded honorable titles like "Putian City Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" and "Fujian Province Cultural Industry Demonstration Base" successively, and won the "Fujian Province Famous Trademark" and "Fujian Province Famous Brand". Ouya has passed ISO14001:2004 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and ISO9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, and obtained the "Key Cultivation Enterprise of Fujian Province's Cultural Exportation". It is an advanced company on honest management in Fujian Province and Putian City over the years, as well as an important cultural industry exportation.

            3 Standardized modern factory building, the scientific production process, with the global vision of research and development team, excellent production team, we believe we could build a global model of modern household decorative art. We warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit our company, and sincerely hope to establish long-term business cooperation relationship with you..

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            Ouya Art Products Co.,Ltd.

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